Features of VMS on Web


  • Can self-register and create an appointment request
  • Get confirmation of appointment confirmation or cancellation by SMS or Email
  • Show SMS or visit confirmation id to get instant visitor pass with Photo and Bar-code
  • Entry and exit time is recorded by scanning bar-code on visitor pass
  • Visitors can be blacklisted and denied entry
  • Visitors identity confirmation and verification by Face recognition, finger print, mobile verification etc.

    HOSTS (Users in the organisation)ill3

    • Can create an appointment or approve a appointment request from visitors
    • Can approve or reject a walk-in visitor
    • Can change their availability status to busy
    • Will be informed of visitor arrival or overstaying by SMS or Email

    ill1Security Staff

    • Verify visitor credentials by checking appointment details, mobile verification, photo id card verification etc.
    • Prepare visitor pass after on-line approval from host.
    • Authenticate visitor mobile phone number
    • Store Visitor Photo, fingerprint, photo-IDs like voter id card, Pan Card, Passport etc.
    • Auto-fill visitor details using a card scanner, no manual typing of name address  etc. .
    • Single click visitor data entry for returning visitor
    • Identify and restrict blacklisted visitors
    • Manage visitor material for safe-keeping (mobile phone, laptop, camera left at security cabin)
    • Allow or restrict entry of visitor vehicles base on prior approval or on-line approval

    bAdmin HR Functions

    • Define basic application structure.
    • View reports like who met whom and exception reports like over-staying visitors, blacklisted visitors etc.
    • Provide 2nd level approval for visitor or vehicle entry.
    • Keep an eye on total visitors in the organisation in case of emergency.
    • View Dashboard, alerts, control centers and intelligent reporting module.

    Device Integration




    VMS on WEB has a lot of devices integrated like

    • Barcode reader – for scanning visitor Entry & Exit
    • Visiting Card Scanner – to Autofill visitor details
    • Web-Camera – to Capture visitor or Vehicle image
    • Finger Print Scanner – to identify or verify a visitor

    Other General Features

    • Multi-user, Multi-Site, Multi-Gate Multi-lingual operations.
    • Hosted Yearly rental or no-premise model.